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   7:00-8:00 am            Arrival times, free (quiet) play

   7:00-7:30 am            Breakfast       

   7:30-8:00 am            Clean-up, wash-up, brush teeth, free play                            

   8:00-8:30 am            Circle Time, calendar, weather, greetings, sharing time, reading a book

   8:30-9:00 am            Arts and Crafts

   9:00-9:30 am            Intellectual Growth

  9:30-10:00am            Outdoor Play (weather permitting)

10:00-10:30am            Creative Expression

10:30-11:00am            Self-Expression, Communication Skills, Clean up, go to

                                         the restroom

11:00-11:15am            Wash Hands

11:15-11:45am            Lunch  

11:45-12:15pm            Clean-up, wash-up, brush teeth, prepare for nap

12:15 - 2:30pm            Nap time

    2:30-2:45pm             Cots Up, TV Time Prep for snack

    2:45-3:00pm             Restroom, Washing Hands

    3:00-3:30pm             Snack for After school Kids

    3:30-5:30pm             Free Play, Outside Play, Movie Time

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